What we do

The main focus of our approach is to work with individuals within organizations teaching them Lean Thinking methodologies, tools and techniques. We offer a practical application approach to our education sessions. Classroom Theory mixed with the application of the methods and tools in real situationS.

The education sessions are tailored to accommodate all levels within the organization from frontline staff to senior management

Some of our Offerings

  • Hoshin Kanri application - Developing an imrpovement roadmap and the rollout plan
  • Continuous Flow - Work through the process of developing a new or an existing work cell within a continuous flow framework
  • Practical Problem Solving - Step by step problems solving approach to a real problem within your facility
  • General Education - The basics of Lean Thinking from understanding 5 principles.


Every organization has a unique atmosphere, history and pressures. We feel it is important to tailor the learning experience to uniqueness of your organization